Kumho Tire Review

Kumho TiresThere’s no denying that finding a new set of tires for your car or any other vehicle can be a difficult task, especially if you are unsure where to purchase it from. Well, it is very important to purchase wisely and feel confident after purchase. One of the best places to purchase tires for your vehicle is through Kumho tires. Kumho tires offer best of products and its services are highly commendable. You can go through the following paragraphs to understand more about Kumho tires.

About Kumho

Kumho basically means calm, beautiful late. Kumho is one of the top 10 manufacturers of tires in the world. It is indeed a part of the highest group of companies that include an international airline, logistics and construction company, petrochemicals as well as finance operations. The company manufactures around 60 million tires every year at its factories based in Vietnam, China and Korea for vans, car, and trucks. Consumers can easily buy a tire from Kumho in approximately 180 countries in the world.

In order to ensure that the tires meet the market requirements, Kumho has its R&D centers in 3 continents and out of which, one is located in Birmingham, UK. Kumho is the leading equipment supplier to Hyundai, Chevrolet, Kia, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz, Ssangyong, Smart, and Volkswagen. In addition, it is one of the leading suppliers of tires, especially for Formula 3 race and is a winner of Le Mans 24 Hours in the year 2007. Kumho has manufactured a tire for F1 after demonstrating its high motorsport technology. The tires of Kumho are available through a countrywide network consisting of ECSTA Performance Centers.

Features of Kumho Tires

  • Car: The tires manufactured for car consists of maximized rolling control, and runs smoothly and efficiently. Consists of excellent characteristics as far as handling is concerned, and it is durable for highest mileages. Some of the types of car tires include Solus KH17, Ecsta LE Sport KU39, Ecsta SPT KU31, and many more.
  • SUV: As far as tires for SUV are concerned, original tires are supplied with excellent road handling features. It fits as though it’s the original equipment. Some of the examples of tires for SUV include Road Venture 798, Road Venture MT KL71, SOLUS KL21 eco, and so on.
  • Van: The tires offered for vans have outstanding driving features in both wet and dry weather conditions. The traction is good with high steering precision, and also it’s extremely durable, smooth-running. Some of the examples include Radial 857 and Steel Radial 856.
  • Motorsport: Kumho supplies motorsport tires to teams and drivers in championships throughout Europe and other places beyond it. Some of the motorsports include circuit racing and rallying.


To conclude, Kumho Tires has made excellent progress in the past 15 years in motorsport. In addition, the company is regarded as the highest suppliers for rally and race tires. You can refer to some of the review sites of Kumho to understand how customers feel about the company. It largely comes in use to find out the effectiveness and reliability of the tires.

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